"Gisa Könne’s subject is fear and loneliness and the things people do to one another, knowingly or unknowingly."

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

"Gisa Klönne is an exceptional talent among German crime writers. She deserves a creative award simply for the headstrong detective Judith Krieger.“


Gisa Klönne is one of Germany’s most successful writers. Her series of so far 5 crime novels featuring superintendents Judith Krieger and Manni Korzilius are published in German by Ullstein Verlag. They have been highly praised by the press and translated into several European languages. Her third novel, NIGHT WITHOUT SHADOWS, received the Friedrich Glauser Crime Writing Award for best novel of 2009. This award is the most important prize for crime literature in the German-speaking countries, with the largest prize purse. Gisa Klönne was previously nominated for a Friedrich Glauser Award for her debut novel SILENT IS THE FOREST and for one of her short stories.

Gisa Klönne was born in Stuttgart in 1964. She studied German literature and political science in Darmstadt and at the University of Surrey (Guildford, GB), followed by an MA in English and German literature, theatre, film and television studies at the University of Cologne. She then spent several years as a magazine editor, including for the feminist women’s magazine Emma and as editor-in-chief of the environmental magazine BUNDmagazin. She also reported for newspapers and magazines as a freelance journalist and worked as a lecturer in creative writing. Apart from her novels, Gisa Könne has also published short stories with various publishers since 1999, and is the editor of two crime anthologies. In February 2013 her family saga STARLING SONG AFTER FROST was published bei Piper/Pendo in Germany and became a bestseller. Gisa Klönnes latest novel - a psychologically complex love story – appears in September 2014.

Gisa Klönne is married and lives in Cologne. She is active in various authors’ networks and was the press spokeswoman of the German chapter of Sisters in Crime for two years. From 2006 till 2008 she was on the executive board of DAS SYNDIKAT, a network of around 700 German-language crime writers. Klönne also teaches creative writing and sometimes acts as mentor to young, aspiring writers.

As a hobby, she performs on stage as a singer with the German rock group HANDS UP! & THE SHOOTING STARS - a unique fun project featuring only crime writers.