“The crows have no respect for him whatsoever. There are lots of them, at least twenty. He thinks of Hitchcocks Birds, but shoves the images aside and focuses on the hunting platform.”


Silent is the forest

Judith Krieger´s first case. Forest; stoic, silent forest – this is the setting where Detective Judith Krieger has to investigate. Forest; the scene of a horrific crime. Forest; concealing the secret of a girl. The case takes Judith Krieger far too close to her own boundaries. But she has no choice, for everything is at stake – her job and soon even her identity. She has to solve this case. The investigation is her last chance.


Manilla, Great Britain

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It could even be idyllic: a remote valley in the Bergisch region of Germany, a secluded forester’s lodge, and an ashram in which affable recluses search for happiness. But then the young forest ranger Diana Westermann finds a body, half eaten by crows, on a hunter’s platform in the middle of the forest. The case is assigned to Judith Krieger, a police detective from Cologne. For years burdened by a terrible memory, she knows this is the last chance for her to recover her famed abilities. Chain smoking and suffering from chronic fatigue, she gets started with the investigation. But Judith makes mistakes, and so it is her inexperienced colleague Manfred Korzilius who is credited with the first success in the investigation. Judith is placed on administrative leave of duty. She starts to investigate on her own and also to finally confront her past. Then a second body is found in the forest ...