Under the ice

Judith Krieger´s second case. Two people seem to have disappeared without a trace – a boy and an ornithologist, with no connection between the two. The investigations lead Detective Inspector Judith Krieger and her colleagues into a web of misunderstood love, trust and betrayal – and soon affect them much more closely than they’d like. Judith flies to Canada to the home of the loons, the birds whose eerie call trembles through the wilderness. But is she on the right track?


Piper, Germany

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Cologne Whilst Cologne grinds to a halt under the oppressive heat of the sun, the police launch a missing persons investigation and Judith Krieger continues her search for her old school friend Charlotte in Canada. Charlotte is an ornithologist with an interest in the Canadian loon. According to myth, the red-eyed aquatic bird dives between the world of the living and the dead. Soon Judith Krieger is facing a life-or-death situation of her own. Could the man with whom she is having a passionate affair have killed her friend Charlotte? News arrives that another boy has gone missing in Cologne and Judith knows that time is running out ...
Life, Death, Trust, Treason and Misplaced Love – Gisa Klönne's Second Crime Novel is Another Sophisticated Tale of Contradictions.

Listen to the loons • yodelling and • wailing
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