» She felt a threat over there that she can’t put a name to yet. As if the obvious facts of this case were hiding a darker, colder truth. «


Night without shadows

Judith Krieger´s third case. Cologne, just after midnight. A deserted urban railway station. A driver - stabbed to death. A young woman who has evidently been coerced into prostitution. And a Russian pathologist with a dark past. For Krieger and Korzilius, the investigations unexpectedly turn into a tough test of their working partnership. And soon take them into a stifling world where violence against women is an everyday phenomenon.

Winner of the Friedrich Glauser Crime Writing Award for best novel of 2009. The jury: »Gisa Klönne paints a disturbingly accurate portrait of the world we live in.«


Piper, Germany

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It was a wet night when Judith Krieger is called to the scene of a murder: the driver of an urban train is lying next to his train; he has been stabbed to death. Her search for evidence or witnesses produces nothing whatsoever. Moreover, she’s worried about a young woman. She was found lying near the railway line and is in a coma. Who is she? The victim of human traffickers, a prostitute? Is she from Eastern Europe? What happened to her? When Judith pursues her investigations with Manni Korzilius in the red light district, unresolved conflicts come to the surface: from her past, when, as a student, she worked in a women’s refuge. Deeply engrained beliefs, her own fears. And while Manni is increasingly perplexed by Judith’s behaviour, someone else has sensed her fragility: someone who hates women and doesn’t shy away from murder. Someone who will become extremely dangerous for Judith.