» The drumming continues to throb and the shadow seems to be flying in front of the church, coming at him now at a blistering speed. Dear God, he thinks. Mother. I want to live. «


Color of Guilt

Judith Krieger’s fourth case. A priest is murdered in Cologne and a young woman is in gravedanger: Chief Inspector Judith Krieger investigates a dramatic case that has struck fear into an entire city. It seems no one is completely innocent … not even Inspector Krieger herself.

» Grim, gripping, complex. « (WDR Broadcasting)


Piper, Germany

As Cologne’s raucous carnival celebration winds to a close, a doctor masquerading as a priest is found dead with a sword through his chest. A short time later, a true Catholic Priest is killed in the same cruel manner. The word “murderer” spray-painted on the corpse. Twisted faith and a horrid secret – a serial killer is on the loose, ready to kill again.