» She has to get out, move. Run away from the memories, from this dream with its premonition of doom. «


Nothing but Deliverance

Judith Krieger’s fifth case. A dead man is found in Cologne’s old city, his face disfigured beyond recognition. Police detective Judith Krieger’s investigations take her into the past. To a dark family tragedy. And a children’s home with ties into the Third Reich. Is the murderer perhaps one of the orphans? Could the motive be revenge? Not before long and Judith Krieger is being challenged to a cunning contest. But will the killer stay ahead?

Fast paced and haunting: Klönne’s new crime novel
sheds light into a dark chapter of German history.


Piper, Germany

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For a few seconds, a train on the railroad bridge drowns out all other sounds. One of the streetlights in the park flickers wildly, making it even harder for her to orient herself. But the cathedral looms over the scene with stony calm. The cathedral, the philharmonic, and next to it the bridge. Where, damn it? Where?
The noise of the train fades away, there’s no more screaming now, but Judith thinks she sees something move in a thicket by the stairs leading up to the cathedral. Is that where the screams came from? Judith runs toward it, sees a man slipping from the shadows. He looks over at her for a moment, then turns around and starts running.
“Stop! Stay where you are! Police!”
Her throat is sore, her lungs heave. The man doesn’t listen to her, even runs faster. She sets out in pursuit. She has to stop him, at least get a look at him, his face, his clothing, something ... (sample pdf)