» 'Murder then,' he holds out his inevitable pack of Fisherman's Friends. I like him, she thinks. I like working with him. Who’d have thought that a year ago? «


the detective

He’s ambitious and intelligent. Attractive and athletic. Fair and loyal. He has a black belt in karate and hates opponents who ignore the rules – on the karate mat and in life itself. He likes fast cars, football and beautiful women. He has a good sense of humour and a way with words, even when his job takes him to the darkest sides of life.

Detective Sergeant Manni Korzilius has worked his way up in life, starting out with a tearful mother and a father who didn’t care about education, hated the police and preferred to hit out now and ask questions later. As a child, Manni wanted to be a cowboy, then a sheriff and finally a detective. Manni prefers action to talking, which makes his relationships to women difficult at times. His colleague Judith Krieger often annoys him. But he knows their teamwork is important for him – although he doesn’t want to explain why.

Name: Manfred (Manni) Korzilius   Born: 27 November 1973 in Rheindorf, NRW (Germany)   Marital status: single, no children   Father: Günther Korzilius, truck driver   Mother: Marianne, housewife   Siblings: None   Height: 6’2”   Weight: 184 pounds   Eye colour: Blue   Hair colour: Blond   Distinguishing marks: None   Place of residence: Cologne, Germany   Training: Police service, police training school   Rank: Detective Sergeant   Stationed: Cologne Police Headquarters, Murder Squad   Likes: Football. Beautiful women. Fast cars   Dislikes: Being overtaken, not only on the road. Violence against weaker people   Dreams: 2nd dan in karate. Promotion to Detective Inspector   Vices: Beautiful women   Strengths: Speed. Humour. Ambition   Weaknesses: Often finds a psychological perspective of investigations superfluous.