Starling Song Titel

Novel. A vicarage which harbours a dark family secret. A tremendous tale of forbidden love with a tragic conclusion in 1945. A family divided by the German-German border. And a musician’s search for her roots and avoice of her own.

Gisa Klönne´s best selling novel about dark family secrets is a piece of fiction. Yet it draws from German history and her own family’s past, as Gisa Klönne is the grandchild of a priest from Mecklenburg herself and part of a family that was devided by the inner German border.


Pendo, 480 pages

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Since ince her brother perished in a road accident, Rixa Hinrichs has been trying to forget: her grief, her bungled solo career and the mute melancholy of a mother who has always rejected Rixa’s passion for the piano. Rixa tinkles her way round the world as a bar pianist until her mother’s death forces her return to Germany. It was a car accident, too – almost the exact spot where Rixa’s brother had died years earlier. Searching for answers, Rixa returns to her grandparents’ vicarage in Mecklenburg in the north, a place associated with carefree holidays as a child. However Rixa’s memories, it transpires, are not watertight: she becomes aware of a tightly guarded family secret which continues to cast its long shadows into the presentday – not only her mother’s life is affected, so too her brother’s and her own. In order to loosen its grip, she will have to delve deep into her family’s past . . .