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How much courage do you need for love?
Astrophysicist Frieda Telling does not believe in fate, she prefers to rely on her calculations. But her daughter’s accident wrenches her from her well-ordered life. To save Alina, Frieda will have to shake off her habits of a lifetime. And approach the subject of love from an entirely unfamiliar angle.


Pendo Hardcover, 480 pages

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F rieda Telling is in a solid marriage, mother to a grown-up daughter and, at the age of forty-nine, at the zenith of her career as an astrophysicist. Her passion is her search for a second earth. The day her daughter becomes engaged everything changes: Alina dashes in front of a car and falls into a coma. A gift from Frieda’s mother apparently made her distraught: a torn red scarf. Can a piece of material wield so much power? Was there a secret love in Frieda’s mother’s life? Frieda’s search for the other half of the scarf and its owner leads her into the past and eventually to Transylvania. But all traces disappear in the year 1948 in a Soviet prisoner-of-war camp. And the man who can help Frieda moves her far more than she is comfortable with.