"The crows are showing absolutely no fear of him. There are quite a few of them, at least twenty ... At that moment he notices the smell. Sweet. Rotten. Decay, his brain signals to him... The smell becomes worse the higher he climbs. Cawing, the black birds plummet from the sky and then gyre upwards again."


Unter dem Eis


A thrilling detective novel with believable characters. Top!

◊ BZ Berlin

Impressive trick

The forest may well be silent, but Gisa Klönne isn’t, thank goodness. While glued to the excitingly built case, you also read a great deal about ‘living with scars’, as Detective Krieger calls it. No one in this multi-stranded crime novel about guilt and self-deception is without psychological problems: Klönne skilfully deconstructs clichés of victims and perpetrators, good and bad. (...) A debut like this is an impressive trick to pull off.

◊ Brigitte Schmitz-Kunkel, Kölnische Rundschau


It’s autumn. And if you’re planning to go mushroom picking in the forest, this woman could put you off. – Wonderfully written, a debut to remember.

◊ Celebrity Culture


A detective story that conjures up a whole lot of atmosphere and a plotline with class. But most of all, here comes real competition for all the well-known crime professionals from the Scandinavian north, at long last.

◊ Barbara Wegmann, amazon.de editorial team


A detective novel by the book. Thrilling and psychologically researched.

◊ Elle Culture, Books Top 16


A crime novel on multiple psychological and atmospheric layers, with a thoroughly convincing plot.

◊ Facts, Zürich


A gripping crime novel, almost impossible to put down. Gisa Klönne is very good at interlinking parallel plot strands, drawing three strong female characters who are confronted with their own fears and desires in the course of events. The atmosphere is particularly well done, especially in the forest – Klönne doesn’t suffocate the reader with long, boring sentences, but uses language that is brief, precise and nevertheless vivid.

◊ Kölner Illustrierte


Not much blood, not much violence, but beautiful chasms: more from this writer please.

◊ Für Sie


Not just the characters are portrayed in depth and detail, but the places where the crime takes place are unusual too. Every detail is believable: from life in an ashram to a forester’s work harvesting wood (...) An exciting, readable detective novel. The way the case develops is absolutely plausible at every point, and gripping right up to the tense showdown.

◊ Burgel Langer, RBB Zeitpunkte


Atmospherically dense detective novel.

◊ Bild am Sonntag

No frosting

Gisa Klönne develops her dark characters without frosting. SILENT IS THE FOREST is a veritable horror story, with nothing missing that an eroding society has to offer.

◊ Der Standard, Vienna