»The call of a water bird hangs on the air, longing, plaintive and strange. Round red eyes gleam at her. Archaic looks, utterly empty yet searching.«


Unter dem Eis


A German author who could make it really big. (...) A magnificently crafted storyline, densely written to keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last page.

◊ Bücher. Das unabhängige Magazin zum Lesen.


Klönne’s second book to feature Detective Inspector Judith Krieger is so unputdownable it stops you getting on with life. And keeps you awake at night. That’s the best you can get from a detective story.

◊ Für Sie


Klönne intertwines the two plotlines with brilliant writing. UNDER THE ICE guarantees a breathless read – that is over all too soon.

◊ NDR 1, Welle Nord


Gisa Klönne has composed this story so skilfully that the switch between Cologne and Canada seems perfectly natural. UNDER THE ICE is a really gripping, fast-paced crime novel.

◊ Kölnische Rundschau


Gisa Klönne constructs a convincing crime novel from two parallel stories. – She is a sensitive observer and is soon set to join the ranks of the top German crime writers, if she keeps up this good work.

◊ Der Standard, Vienna


Strong detective novel made in Germany!

◊ Alex Dengler, Bild am Sonntag


This book deserves the title of detective novel. Impressively, highly sensitively, the author tells a story of a very special kind. Great feelings in a high-class story. Absolutely recommended.

◊ www.deutsche-krimi-autoren.de


Tense, psychologically dense, as commanding as her debut.

◊ Nicole Lindgens, Buchjournal


UNDER THE ICE is certainly not easy reading. Every character has their own language, and the density of the scenes often leaves no room for breathing. But it’s this that creates a special intensity and reality, so that Gisa Klönne can smuggle in the question of our own innocence almost unnoticed. It is a devastating book – and that’s not something you can say of many detective novels.

◊ Manuela Martini, Focus online


Klönne stands out from the rest because she’s a great storyteller. Her detective Judith Krieger, clever and independent but not without her deeply melancholy sides, is a multi-dimensional, lovable identification figure. Her colleague Manni Korzilius is her likeable macho counterpart, ensuring heated arguments and dialogues radiating up-beat humour.

◊ VER.DI Publik