» She felt a threat over there that she can’t put a name to yet. As if the obvious facts of this case were hiding a darker, colder truth. «


Night without Shadow


Gisa Klönne paints a disturbingly accurate portrait of the world we live in.

◊ The jury of the Friedrich Glauser Prize


An intense and moving thriller. Night Without Shadows is impressing both in its ruthless depiction of Colognes prostitution scene and the way in which Klönne brings her characters to life, particularly in her emotionally charged portrait of uprooted, insecure Russian Ekaterina who is haunted by shadows from the past. The story is intricate and especially poignant when it tells us the life stories of frightened, apathetic young girls. Compassionate, captivating and suspenseful right until the very end.

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In this, her third psychological thriller, German Gisa Klönne masterfully weaves a fast-paced tale about life's paradoxes and inconsistencies. Hopefully she won't stop writing thrillers for many a year to come.

◊ Auto Review

Great plot

Proper policing and a dark tale - the third Judith Krieger instalment offers a great plot and exquisitely drawn, multi-faceted characters.

◊ Leeuwarder Courant


In addition to being a thoroughly captivating whodunit NIGHT WITHOUT SHADOWS is a novel which resolutely aims at, and succeeds in, contributing to the societal debate about morality. At the risk of appearing to be pedantic, former journalist Gisa Klönne fervently shares with her readers her up-to-date knowledge of the legislation on trafficking and prostitution. At the same time, being the accomplished writer that she is, she manages to create intriguing characters. The result is an exquisite story which is emphatically told.

◊ Knack.be

Colourful characters

She creates remarkably colourful and true-to-life characters which precisely add that necessary bit of extra oomph all good suspense novels have.

◊ Wegener Huis aan Huis


Krieger’s third case by Gisa Klönne – another great, magnificent book.

◊ Bücher Crime Top 5, February 2008

Read it!

Gisa Klönne is a hot tip among crime fiction fans, a guarantee for really good crime writing. Forget Donna Leon & co, read Klönne.

◊ Sächsische Zeitung

Exceptional talent

The author draws characters who haunt your mind. She deserves a creative award simply for the headstrong detective Judith Krieger. To sum up: Gisa Klönne is an exceptional talent among German crime writers.

◊ Für Sie


Gisa Klönne is the secret star of the German crime fiction scene! She writes fast and precise. NIGHT WITHOUT SHADOWS is her third first-class story.

◊ Bild am Sonntag


Gisa Klönne is a first-class crime writer. She tells her stories with intelligence and skill. She researches thoroughly and creates atmosphere through her knowledge of the material. She allows her main characters to be rough and tender, showing them as living people with conflicts. Once again, Judith Krieger proves herself a detective with intuition and courage – and a woman with political convictions. This heroine still has plenty of potential for development. By the end of the book, you look forward to the next Judith Krieger novel.

◊ Radio Bremen


Gisa Klönne has written a strong novel, with convincing characters, a logically developed plot, powerfully presented inner and outer conflicts. And the subject of trafficking women is sadly still very topical.

◊ Hamburger Abendblatt


Detective Krieger is fighting a losing battle until she gets unexpected help from the pathologist, a magnificently drawn female character – as are all the characters masterfully making up the novel.

◊ .ch Die Zeitung der Schweiz


The author Gisa Klönne manages to make her characters – men and women – and their actions psychologically credible. Her sharp sights penetrate the grey zones of society, peeling off the layers of social anomalies not least through her refreshingly bold, clearly feminist approach – and delivering a social novel in the best sense.

◊ Buchkultur Crime Fiction Special 2008


Cologne’s crime fiction expert Gisa Klönne shows herself on top form in her third novel. Detective Judith Krieger hunts down the criminals in brothels, in a monastery and even in her nightmares. Until her own past catches up with her. Shrewd psychological stuff.

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